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IntelliQuilter is the new standard in computerized quilting.

IQ Training Videos
IQ Training Videos by Patty Butcher

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About IntelliQuilter

The IntelliQuilter (IQ) is a computer guidance system for longarm and midarm quilting machines. It is an after-market add-on that does not replace any existing parts of the quilting machine. IQ consists of two motors that drive the machine head, and a tablet PC running the IQ software on a Linux platform. There are no additional cables, pulleys, wires, etc on the longarm table. It is, quite simply, the most sophisticated and technologically advanced computer guidance system available for longarm quilters.


BasiQ ClassiQ
plus installation kit
plus installation kit
plus installation kit
plus installation kit
Tablet Size 9.7" 9.7" 12" 12"
Motors Refurbished Refurbished SuperMotors SuperMotors
(WYSWYG pantograph editing, continuous offset and interlocking, flipping of even rows, clipping at block boundaries)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pattern loading Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saving quilt designs Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Seconds to switch to manual mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Help on every screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Over 250 FREE patterns Yes Yes Yes Yes
Designer pattern samples Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geometric patterns Yes Yes Yes Yes
Computer Art Patterns Yes Yes Yes Yes
Block Patterns   Yes   Yes
Line Pattern   Yes   Yes
Pattern modification
(rotate, scale, move, stretch, flip, copy, combine, split, smooth)
  Yes   Yes
Whole quilt design
(before making a stitch)
  Yes   Yes
Paper pattern digitizing   Yes   Yes
Recording of your own patterns   Yes   Yes
Clipping block, no-sew zones   Yes   Yes
High level pattern editing support
(contour, echo, path pattern, fan pattern, shape shift, magnet tool, distort)
plus installation kit
plus installation kit
plus installation kit
plus installation kit
  • Prices include delivery, installation, demonstration, training and warranty on parts and installation labor (currently without time limit). Customary travel expenses may be charged by installers.
  • As a unique service from IntelliQuilter, the prices also include one year of continuing support by a dealer, providing not only technical assistance, but quilting advice, pattern design suggestions and more.
  • Installation kits include mechanical parts that are required in order for the IntelliQuilter system to function at optimum performance on a given quilting machine. EdgeRider Wheels are required and sold as part of the installation kit for Gammill, APQS, HQ Sixteen and Innova quilting machines. EdgeRider Wheels can be purchased separately.

IQ on APQS Lenni.jpg - 186704 Bytes Learning More About IQ

There are several resources available to help as you research the IQ:
Intelliquilter Training Videos
Lots of demonstration videos by Helen Baczynski, Linda Lawson, Shirley Higginbotham and others.

Another source for information about IQ. Includes helpful tips and step by step instructions for IQ owners as well as information for those considering adding IQ to their quilting machine.

IntelliQuilter Forum
Anyone interested in IQ is welcome to join this Yahoo chat group.

We travel to your studio or home to install IntelliQuilter on your machine. The installation and basic training usually take just one day.

There may be an additional kit fee depending upon which quilting machine you own. This price covers installation, training and support. It does not include our travel expense - that will vary according to how far we have to travel.

For a Virtual Demo of the IQ, please call or email and we can set up an online meeting



For Information or to Order: Call 352-397-4959 or e-mail: Patty@Katydids.net

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