Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

Machine Rental Services - Temporarily Suspended Due to Pandemic Concerns

Have you always wanted to finish your own quilts, but are tired of wrestling it through your sewing machine?

Renting time on our top of the line APQS Longarm machines will allow you to quickly and easily finish your quilts, under expert guidance and supervision.  All machines are stitch regulated, which guarantees evenly spaced stitching, so you can focus on patterns.

Rental Certification class is required as a pre-requisite to rental.  This 3 hour class will give you the skills necessary to complete your quilts.  In class you will learn

·       How to safely operate machine

·       How to load your quilt

·       How to thread machine and change bobbins

·       How to do a pantograph pattern ( Edge to Edge)

Class fee is $75.00 and includes thread and bobbins.  You bring your own fabric and batting.

Your practice piece can be a small quilt, no larger than 50” wide by 60” Long, or just plain fabric.  Backing and batting NEEDS to be 8” wider and longer than top fabric.

We can provide the supplies for a $25.00 charge if you like, just let us know prior to class.

We also offer rental on our sit down free motion machine, George.  No class necessary for George.

Rental Pricing

·       Sit down free motion machine - $12.00/hour with 2 hour minimum

·       Stand up Longarm - $20.00/hour with 2 hour minimum

·       Rental time beyond the 2 hour minimum is measured in 15 minute increments.


Valet Service:  $25.00 charge

Want to save time and just get to quilting?  With this service we will load your quilt top and have thread, bobbins, and design all loaded and ready for you.  You just come in at your appointment time and start quilting.  Quilt must be dropped off in advance and thread and pattern chosen.

Print Out Rental Agreement

Katydids Longarm Rental Agreement

Katydids, Inc will make available two APQS hand guided stitch-regulated longarm quilting machines (machine) for rent. 


Rental Rates -

Lucey or Millie - $20.00/hr

Rental Time –

        ·        2 hour minimum

        ·        Refundable deposit of $25.00 must be paid when scheduling time for a machine.

        ·        Deposit will be refunded for cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled rental time.

        ·        Time is measured from when the renter starts or when the renter’s reservation time starts (whichever is earlier) and finishes when the renter has taken the quilt off and finished the clean-up of the machine; rounded to the nearest ¼ hour after the 2 hour minimum.

        ·        Valid certification card must be shown at time of scheduling.

        ·        The rental time will start at the scheduled time, no exceptions.

Please plan travel time and traffic conditions accordingly. If a renter schedules rental time for 10:00am, time will start at 10:00am. If the renter is late and arrives at 10:30am, time will still be charged starting at 10:00am. The only exception will be if the delay is the fault of Katydids and we do not have the machine ready; then the starting time will be the time we have the machine ready.

Certification –

        ·        Certification class is required before renter can schedule time on a machine.

        ·        Cost is $75.00 per student with a max of 2 per class.

        ·        Skill review is done at end of class to determine if student has a thorough understanding of skills required to operate machinery, at that time certification card will be issued.

Renter must be at least 18 years of age.


Katydids will provide the following:

        ·        Cheat sheet to include:

               1.    Threading of the machine

               2.    Loading the fabric

               3.    tips

        ·        Professional longarm quilter on premises as an advisor if renter experiences difficulties or needs help with machine.

        ·        Solid thread available for use.  Thread charge will apply.

        ·        Bobbins and bobbin winder

        ·        Batting by the yard and wide backings available for purchase

        ·        Ask for assistance before performing any of the following:

               1.    Replacing needles

               2.    Changing tensions

               3.    Oiling machine

               4.    Changing threads

Renters Agreement

        · Renter agrees to operate the machine at their own risk. Renter agrees to not hold Katydids, Inc. liable for any harm to themselves or their quilt as a result of using the machine.

        · Renter agrees to pay for repair/replacement for any damage to the machine directly caused by the renter.

        · Renter agrees to operate the machine in a safe and respectful manner, including, but not limited to:

               1.    No smoking, drinks or food allowed in the longarm room.  Except for water in a spill proof cup.

               2.    Keep pins and tools in bin provided at end of table/frame.

               3.    Clean bobbin area after each bobbin change.

               4.    Keep hair and clothing away from machine.

               5.    When quilting is finished and quilt is off the frame, complete the checklist for cleaning of the machine and preparation for the next user.

               6.    Renter agrees to no children, friends, or pets present during time of rental.  Renter will arrive ready to quilt.

Renters Time

All of the renters’ time at the studio during the renter’s scheduled rental time will be counted; this includes, but is not limited to:

        · Loading the quilt

        · Taking off the quilt

        · Selecting the panto and thread

        · Winding of bobbins

        · Trimming or squaring of the quilt top or back

        · Talking on a cell phone

        · Searching for quilting ideas

        · Practicing designs

        · Trying different threads

        · Experimenting with rulers and stencils (experienced only)

        · Picking out stitches

        · Eating lunch.

The only exception is if you have purchased 5 hours, then you will get a 30 min. lunch break, at no charge.

This is verification that the renter has read and will abide by the above terms and conditions of this agreement.


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