EdgeRider Wheels

The EdgeRider wheels provide stability and easy rolling at the same time, by combining three major design solutions:
Shape: in different ways for each machine, but the wheels are either "wedged" between the edges of rails, or "grab" the rails to eliminate sideways play, thus holding the machine firmly on the tracks. Some Gammill customers report an unexpected side effect of the "wedging": less vibration.
Material: the wheels are made of a high quality plastic, with an "oily feel" to its surface, which reduces abrasiveness, one of the causes of aluminum oxide buildup.
Dual ball bearings: to reduce the unavoidable axial play (wobbling) of any single ball bearing, the EdgeRider wheels have two ball bearings. This feature increases the stability of the machines, and on machines with horizontal wheels reduces the strain on the individual bearings, and are practically equivalent with the use of more expensive thrust ball bearings.
The EdgeRider wheels are manufactured by precision machinery, and each wheel is tested by spinning at 16,000 RPM.

EdgeRider Wheels

We carry EdgeRider Wheels for the following machines:


Our wheels for the APQS machines with new style channel lock represents years of engineering and testing by our company and customers like you. Our wheels were designed specifically for each machine and its track system, not reused from another industry. These wheels are manufactured with strict tolerances and are used by thousands of customers.

If your APQS machine has a channel lock that looks like this, order the "New Style APQS Millenium" EdgeRider Wheels, if not, order by machine model.

EdgeRider Wheels for APQS, and Gammill

Price: $160.00 per set


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