It takes more than five weeks to handcraft an APQS longarm from the finest materials available. All APQS machines are handcrafted in Carroll, Iowa, using the same techniques, materials, and craftspeople. The Freedom is a machine that performs extremely well in homes, teaching studios, and commercial quilt shops.



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The simple touch pad and handle-mounted controls enable you to operate and control your quilting with the touch of a button. Standard features like the thread break sensor, low bobbin alert, stiches per inch selector and the single stitch mode, all work together to make the Freedom simple to learn and easy to operate. You will be able to complete projects faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

The stitch regulator is the heart and soul of any longarm, and in 1998 APQS had an innovative breakthrough. We developed what is known as Adaptive Logic Stitch RegulationTM.  This APQS invention performs with the skill and grace of a ballet dancer making all your stitches extremely precise and accurate - where you want them, when you want them.  This makes quilting fun and easy, reducing your practice time, and letting you always start and stop with beautiful consistent stitches.

The tracking or movement system is an extremely important part of any longarm. APQS developed a revolutionary new movement system. Exclusive to APQS machines, the BlissTM Track System provides smooth and easy machine movement, enabling hours of effortless quilting.  The BlissTM Track System is now standard on all new machines.


The Freedom is made in America, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Our service and education are unrivaled, and have been part of our legacy for more than 30 years. Our customer support and trained service technicians are never more than a phone call away to help you with the care and feeding of your brand new APQS longarm.

Freedom front controls panel


$23,100 + Freight and Tax or export.
Throat space of 26"x 10.5".
Machine with 8, 10, 12 or 14 foot deluxe table.


Weight 45 lbs (20.4 kgs).
Voltage 120V, 50/60 Hz.
Variable Needle Speed, 0-3500 SPM.
Footprint: 5'3" deep x 8', 10', 12', or 14' long.

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BlissTM Track System

BlissTM Track System now standard on all new machines - BlissTM uses a ball bearing technology to guide the machine on the table and gives you phenomenal control with minimal effort. 

Sewing Head Features

Floating Horizontal Wheels.
On-demand Automatic Stitch Regulator.
Handcrafted from aircraft grade aluminum.
Super-quiet enclosed DC motor.
Self-Lubricating Bushings
- The amount of oil required to care for an APQS machine is a fraction of what other quilting machines need, making maintenance simple and easy. >
Precision timing by Synchronous Belt Drive.
Adjustment-Free Quilt Take-up Roller - The elevated roller means you never have to raise it as the bulk of the quilt grows. And the leveler bar in front keeps your quilt surface level.
Two Bobbin Options smartbobbinaaa1.jpg - 3175 Bytes
Low Bobbin Indicator - Know when it's time to change your bobbin to avoid running out of thread in the middle of your quilting design.
Top Thread Break Sensor - You'll be alerted if the top thread breaks so you can quickly get back to quilting.
Simple Disc Thread Tensioner - Having only one place to set tension means our machines can run a wide range of even the most finicky threads, opening up your creative options.
Standard APQS Interchangeable Hopping Foot - Lets you customize your machine's feet based on the kind of quilting you do.
Fully adjustable Ergonomically Designed Handles eliminate carpal tunnel injuries and provide for maximum visibility.
Two-stage Automatic Needle Positioner - Single-stitch button, two position - Whether you like to tack your starting/ending stitches or knot & bury, you can control it all with the touch of a button.
Built-in Laser Light with front and rear post.
Manual Horizontal Channel Lock for horizontal straight-line quilting.
Stand alone APQS Turbo bobbin winder - Consistently wound bobbins are the key to consistent tension.
Free one-day beginner class, online training videos and start-up supply kit.

Available Options

Quilt PathTM Computerized Quilting System.
Power fabric advance with foot pedal control - Eliminate the chance of pleats and puckers on the back of your quilt by automatically rolling your quilt sandwich forward with even tension - all with the touch of a button.
BlissTM Track System - BlissTM uses a ball bearing technology to guide the machine on the table and gives you phenomenal control with minimal effort.
Quilt Glide - A secondary form of stitch regulation that allows you to maintain a high level of control while doing small filler and background designs.
Overhead Lighting - A bright workspace gives you the best possible visibility to set tension and see your stitching lines.
Hydraulic table lift - Adjust the height of the table with the touch of a button.
In-home set-up by factory certified technician.

Every complete quilting system comes with machine, table, canvas covered rollers, patterns, thread, bobbins, needles, industrial bobbin winding machine, simple easy-to-follow assembly instructions, basic training video and manual on CD.
Assembly is simple and should only take a couple of hours. If help is needed our technicians are standing by on the phone or we offer professional in home/business setup.

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